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The UK Is Expected to Relax the Visa Without Proof of Funding or Academic Credentials

Local time on July 25, the British Ministry of the Interior announced a study for students (course) student visa pilot program. According to this new policy, students who come to Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College of Technology and Bass University for graduate degree programs will receive visas that are six months longer than the previous four months. Compared with the previous four months, Time and extended for two months. In addition, when applying for a visa, the Ministry of the Interior no longer requires the need to provide funds or academic proof documents.

British Interior Ministry spokesman Ferguson told reporters in the "Jinghua Times" that the new plan was officially launched on July 25 to attract more outstanding students to the UK. At the same time, the program also hopes to help those who wish to apply for Tier2 work visa after graduation students, give them more buffer time, for job search, internship and so on.


Cambridge Oxford and other four university pilot

In general, the British visa includes a total of visiting relatives visa, tourist visa, student visa, work visa, transit visa. Which is more complex work visa and student visa.

The work visa mainly includes high-tech immigrants and entrepreneurs Tier1 visa, for most workers Tier2 visa, short-term Tier5 temporary work visa (originally a low-skilled workers for the Tier3 visa, but was canceled in 2013); Student visa is Tier4 visa.

On 25 July, the British Ministry of the Interior issued a new policy for international student visas (ie, Tier4 student visas). According to this new policy, students who hold a Tier4 student visa to go to the UK for graduate students will receive a 6-month visa extension on the basis of the original course time, while the previous students will only be able to earn a four-month extension The

Of course, this policy is currently only applicable to students who are enrolled in Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College of Technology, and the University of Bath, four graduate degrees, and the course can not last more than 13 months (excluding pre-school language courses). Therefore, the visa is mainly for the 2016 - 2017, 2017 - 2018 annual application for 13 months or less of the students.

In addition, another element of the new policy is that at the time of application, the Ministry of the Interior no longer requires the applicant to provide financial or academic credentials. In the future, Chinese students are no longer required to provide financial or academic credentials when applying for the master's degree under 13 months (excluding pre-school language courses) for these four universities. But on this point, the official instructions of the University of Cambridge are still advising students to prepare proof of funds and proof of education, so as not to have the risk of being refused.

This is the first time in four years that the British government has relaxed the international student visa policy. In fact, since the new Prime Minister Teresa Meimei came to power, many people worry about immigration policy on the consistent position of tough "Mei aunt" may continue to tighten the policy of studying abroad. Therefore, the recent launch of the new plan also let a lot of people relieved. The industry believes that this new policy of the British government can be seen as an opportunity for Chinese students to stay in the UK. Although it is still pilot trial stage, but can be expected in the future the United Kingdom will have more schools to join the program.


Designed to attract outstanding students to the British development

British Ministry of Interior spokesman Ferguson told the Beijing Times that the new plan was officially launched on July 25 for two years to attract more outstanding students to the UK.

The new policy simplifies the visa application procedures for international students. In addition to the necessary visa application form, the applicant does not need to provide the previous funds and academic proof documents, as long as the application can be approved by the school. At the same time, the program also hopes to help those who can apply for Tier2 work visa after graduation students, give them more time to buffer, for work, internships and so on.

However, Ferguson said that the applicant for international students still need to comply with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of the Interior on the immigration regulations, must also be required to submit information on personal status, and accept the appropriate security checks, do not meet the immigration regulations will not be able to participate in this New plan.

Ferguson told the "Beijing Times" reporter, the current visa extension is still mainly for the student groups, temporarily will not be extended to other groups. During the pilot period, the UK government will assess the effectiveness of the implementation in real time so that it will be promoted as appropriate.

Ferguson said that as the world's second largest destination, the UK has always welcomed the real ability, excellent students to the United Kingdom to develop, including the future to stay in the UK.


"Mei aunt" soft hand is no longer harsh

If you do not understand the new British Prime Minister Teresa May, you may not be able to understand the students for this new policy surprise.

As the immigration policy has always been stronger, in the eyes of Chinese students and immigrants, Teresa Mei style conservative, not only strongly advocate restricting foreign immigrants, but also restrictions on foreign students working in the UK. Teresa Mei came to power after, there are a lot of people ready to study in the UK pinched a sweat. Fortunately, the introduction of this new policy, so many people relieved.

Among the harsh policies of Theresa May, the most impressive is the cancellation of the PSW visa. Britain has launched a PSW visa in 2008, with this visa, as long as the British university graduate, you can stay in the UK after graduation for two years without a work visa. And then the British Interior Minister Teresa Mei, not only in 2011 to cancel the Tier1 high-tech workers visa (for high-tech immigrants), also in 2012 directly canceled the most attractive students PSW visa.

Not only that, Teresa Mei also tried to cancel the previous 4 months to students visa extension time. Teresa May believes that this four months is redundant, requiring all international students outside the EU, immediately after graduation to pack home, and finally in the intervention of the Minister of Finance Osborne, only to stop the decision.

Teresa May also believes that the British immigration policy is to attract the most talented and most capable of the elite, and if the current situation regardless of the situation, by 2020, the United Kingdom may face nearly 600,000 overseas students influx And she insists that the benefits of a large influx of immigrants are close to zero, whereas immigration will have an irreparable impact on property, education and health care.


Or with the British off Europe

Professor John Peterson, an international political professor at the University of Edinburgh, argues that Britain's disengagement will not help the UK attract Chinese students, but it should not affect Chinese students working in the UK after graduation, and it may make it easier. "I would like to have the opportunity to work with skilled people," he said, adding that "the UK has always had the skills to work, and I hope that there will be more opportunities for skilled people after graduating from the UK, including financial services, professional skills, And research. "

The new policy is based on the fact that the new prime minister has just taken office and may also want to change the impression of the original student. On the other hand, the new government, After Europe, the UK may need more labor to enter.

The biggest benefit of this new policy for international students is that students have more time to find an internship or job. Prior to this, the embassy will usually be based on the specific circumstances of the students to give their 2-4 months ranging from the extension of time. This time is clear that the four schools of students, you can get 6 months to extend the visa, but also made it clear that students can use this time to find a job or internship. "This is the first time after the cancellation of the work visa visa in 2012 after the positive news of the students from the work visa canceled, the Chinese students in the UK has not been a legitimate residence time for job search, internships, etc. Policy is the first time. "The star said.

Although the current extension of the visa time, but the star said that from the content of the simplified visa materials, all of the four schools apply for students no longer need to provide proof of funds, this is a big breakthrough, before that, Britain has never had a visa to prove that the situation, which is a great relaxation of the conditions. "This is almost the same as the visa-free." Therefore, there is reason to believe that the future of the UK will have more schools to join the program.

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