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The Importance of Learning English

In today's society, where English is popular, English seems to have become an integral part of our lives, and why do we learn English in the end? What is the importance of learning English?

The importance of learning English ① English is the world's major international common language this is the world's most widely used language. According to 1986 statistics, the world's English-speaking people nearly 400 million, almost every one of the ten people who speak English. Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries speak English. About 20 countries in the world use English as an official language or a second language, with a total of about 800 million people. In other words, almost every one of the five people in the world at least to a certain extent understand English. If you add the number of primary and secondary school students studying English in the world, people who know English are more.

The importance of learning English ② The use of English is very extensive. More than 70% of the world's mail is written in English or written in English. 60% of the world's radio programs are in English. Most of the international information is published in English. The vast majority of international conferences are based on English as the first common language and it is also one of the official working languages of the United Nations. In short, in the field of international politics, military, economy, science and technology, culture, trade, transportation and so on, English is an important communication tool. With the continuous expansion of China's opening to the outside world, the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous improvement of international status, the urgent need to create a large number of specialized professionals in foreign languages to accelerate China's "four modernizations" process, so that our country in international affairs play more Big positive effect. Therefore, learning English is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to achieve the above objectives. We need to learn the advanced technology of others

China in recent decades did happen earth-shaking changes, all aspects have developed rapidly. However, there is no doubt that we are still lagging behind in the Western advanced countries in many technical areas. To develop, to progress, in a relatively short period of time to master a variety of technologies, we can not rely on their own research, we must learn other people advanced technology. The necessary prerequisite for learning is to master the world of common technical exchange language, our tools - English. The importance of learning English on the computer program development as an example: Although the current computer operating system has a Chinese version, but to the application development, the program is written in English. Most of the high-tech materials are written in English. India, although in many ways the development of less than China, but India's software development industry than China developed a lot. One of the important reasons for this gap is that Indian programmers generally have higher levels of English application than Chinese programmers.

Working with countries around the world requires English

We also learn from others advanced technology, experience, but also need to start with the world of various technical and economic cooperation. If you do not understand English, you can not communicate with the partners, but also talk about cooperation. For example, a company has developed a world-class products, if you can open the international market, the future will be a bright future. But it happens that the company staff do not understand English, can not be very good communication with foreign customers, can not show the excellent performance of the product, it will be a heavy loss.

How to learn English well

Understand the importance of learning English, then how can we learn English in the end?

The importance of learning English is based on practical application needs to be studied

Since we have previously discussed that English is actually just a tool, then, before we learn, we must first understand the purpose of learning English. Is it a literary creation, or a practical job? I believe that most people learn English because of their needs, then English is just a tool that allows us to communicate with Western countries and learn advanced Western technology. In the past, Chinese English education was mainly based on reading a large number of literary works, but in practice this practice was more harm than good for English beginners. For example, a stewardess, she needs to master only a verbal ask what the guests need, or report the local weather and other simple information. Reading literature can be said to be helpless to her work. Before we learn English, we should emphasize English as a tool, and we must know exactly what we need to do with this tool. According to the specific needs to determine the content and methods of learning. If your career is a stewardess, it is clear that you do not need to understand Shakespeare's writings.

In China today, English is not just a language, it is a channel and communication bridge, understand the importance of learning English is more so that we love English.

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