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Jess Devitt

Code教师编号: GLB-YL-2020-N001
Nationality国籍: AUS-澳大利亚
Specilized教育专项: young learner phonics
Experience经验: 2 years
Education学历水平: bachelor degree
Class Rate收费: 200RMB/小时
Sub Teacher: Haris Sayyed

      I graduated from a Bachelor of Psychological Sciencein Brisbane, December 2016, which has given me great insight into the stages ofdevelopment and the process of language acquisition, as well as into humancognition in general. I then relocated to Sydney for two years, the majority ofwhich I spent as the manager of Vic’s Meat Market, a restaurant and butcherlocated in central Sydney. As mentioned, one of my responsibilities here wastraining all new staff and writing training checklists to ensure the trainingof current staff was up to date with any new procedures and initiatives, aswell as completing all administrative work. I also received my AHS First Aidand fire warden training certificates. Apart from this, I have also beenresponsible for training new employees in various other restaurants in my roleas Team Leader.

      I have spent a lot of time travelling, and duringmy time in Nepal spent several weeks running informal lessons on Australia formiddle and high school children (ages 13 -16) at schools around Kathmandu andBhaktapur.

      I spent a month studying a 120 hour in-class TEFL certificatecourse here in Shanghai, to further my knowledge about formal education andlanguage acquisition in general. Because of my background in training,excellent grasp of the English language and enjoyment of educating others, Ifeel I will be very capable of using my skills to create a successful learningenvironment in which students will flourish.

      Should you have further questions, please do nothesitate to contact me using the information listed above. Thank you for yourconsideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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