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Derek Cassidy

Code教师编号: GLB-YL-2020-N006
Nationality国籍: IRE-爱尔兰
Specilized教育专项: young learner,Ielts
Experience经验: 19
Education学历水平: bachelor degree
Class Rate收费: 300RMB
Sub Teacher: Haris Sayyed

IELTS Examiner Cert.                 

Cambridge University (UCLES)

B.A.(Hons) Philosophy                  

TrinityCollege Dublin, Ireland

Logic, Epistemology, Ethics.

Curriculum & Course Designer

·       Researching and designing newelective high school courses in areas such as Critical Thinking and GlobalPerspectives for a private client.

·       Producing a range of microvideos in ESL and Cultural Studies for an online learning platform andconducting online classes.

Esl/Literature teacher   

·       Curriculumdesign for Reading and Creative Writing courses

·       Teaching English Literature andcreative writing for 7th to 9th grade classes.

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