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Enrico Perciballi

Code教师编号: GLB-YL-2020-N007
Nationality国籍: CAN-加拿大
Specilized教育专项: young learner,Ielts, teeneger, adults
Experience经验: 11
Education学历水平: bachelor degree
Class Rate收费: 300RMB
Sub Teacher: Derek Cassidy

              Accomplished teacher with over tenyears of experience in the ESLeducation field with young childrenthat are 3 and 4 years old,teenagers and adults. Havemanaged classes of all sizes withmixed abilities effectively improvinglanguage ability and improvingstudent moral and desire to learn.Respected for having a very highwork standard and ethic, requiringvery little external support.   

Effective leader, able to recognizewhere teachers are weak and ableto provide timely and actionablesolutions. Motivated and passionatetrainer able to provide entertainingand relevant workshops, specificallyto help new teachers learn aboutteaching young students. Kept up todate by staying informed on newideas and working with otherprofessionals in the field.

Areas of Expertise:
- Ongoing Teacher Development- Curriculum Creation & Design
- Recruitment
- Young Learners, K-12
- Communication
- Leadership & Management
- Computers/IT
- Problem Solving

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